Maruti Suzuki: Rising car prices .. The company will shock consumers from next month!

Maruti Suzuki: Leading automaker Maruti Suzuki India Ltd has said it will increase the prices of its cars from July. This is bitter news for Indians who are obsessed with Maruti cars

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki: Leading automaker Maruti Suzuki India Ltd has said it will increase the prices of its cars from July. This is no doubt the bitter news charm for Indians who crave Maruti cars. Maruti Suzuki has said that as the cost of the company’s products continues to rise, some of it should not be passed on to consumers. “Various input costs have skyrocketed in the last year. The cost of company vehicles has increased. This needs to be communicated to consumers. The company must overcome the growing additional costs on these products. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd said in a report to the regulatory committee today that it was transferring some of the cost to consumers.

According to Maruti, this price increase will vary for different models, adding more without specifying the magnitude of the price increase. “Price increases are planned for the second quarter. Also, this increase will vary for different models, ”said Maruti. Earlier, Maruti Suzuki had raised the prices of various car models in April due to rising input costs. In January, the carmaker raised prices, citing an increase in input costs. Prices were raised for some car models at the time. Model. Prices have been increased to Rs 34,000 depending on the range. MSI sells a wide range of models, from the entry level hatchback Alto to the S-Cross. Prices range from Rs 2.99 lakh to Rs 12.39. (Prices Delhi Ex-Showroom) As the COVID-19 situation eases in various states, the country’s leading automobile companies have taken steps to increase production to a “normal level” to clear the backlog. Auto companies, which have had to temporarily reduce shutters due to lockdowns and curfews, are expected to move ahead with business operations with the opening of dealerships in the states.

A spokesperson for Maruti Suzuki India, the country’s largest carmaker, said operations at its plants had resumed with due diligence and revised safety protocols. “We are carefully increasing production, meanwhile, we continue to vaccinate all employees and their families with priority. 36,000 employees have already received the first shot, ”Maruti said.

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