metro man sridharan: ‘Metroman’ Sreedharan enters politics .. Competes in Kerala elections on behalf of that party! – metro man sreedharan to join bjp, says open to fighting kerala polls


  • Nationwide recognition for Sreedharan with Delhi Metro project.
  • Made his political debut at the age of 88.
  • Former engineer ready to contest Kerala elections.

With elections to the Kerala Assembly set to take place in the next two months, a key development has taken place. Known as the ‘Metro Man’, Sreedharan is joining the BJP. The Kerala BJP branch said in a statement on Thursday. Kerala state unit president Surendran has announced that Sreedharan will join the ‘Vijaya Yatra’ organized by the BJP on February 21. Earlier, Sreedharan had said that justice would be done if the BJP came to power in the state and that he was ready to enter the election ring if the party agreed.

Sreedharan commented that he had decided to join the BJP, leaving only the formal process. “I have been living in Kerala for the last ten years after retirement. I have seen various governments. People have not been able to do what they need to do. I will join the BJP and use my experience,” he said.

He accused other parties of being blind oppositions and criticized them for trying to portray the country badly. “Political parties with vested interests are portraying a very bad image nationally. Opposing to oppose something. Parties like the Congress are creating a bad image for India,” he quipped.

Metro Rail remembers when Sreedharan’s name was mentioned. He was pioneered across the country as the pioneer of the Delhi Metro. Former Delhi Chief Minister Sahib Singh Verma has been appointed MD of the Delhi Metrorail Corporation. Shabash seemed to complete the project ahead of schedule. This earned him the nickname ‘Metro Man of India’. He retired as a senior railway engineer in the 90s and was entrusted with the task of constructing the complex Konkan Railway.

Completed the impossible Konkan Railway project with the utmost ingenuity and proved its potential once again. These were handed over to Sreedharan when work on the country’s first metro rail project began in 1995. However, he was due to retire in 2005 but was extended again. Metro retired in 2011 after handing over full responsibilities for the second phase.

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