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Missing OTT Release Date, Digital Rights, OTT Platform

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Missing OTT Release Date : Exceptional debut was laid. Entertainers like Shivabalaji, his significant other Madhumita and chief Chandumondeti watched the film and adulated it. What’s more, is there a film that they appreciate? Or on the other hand not? We should discover in the ‘Missing ‘film audit.

Missing OTT Release Date

Movie NameMissing
Satellite RightsNA
Digital RightsNA
OTT Release DateDec-2021
OTT PlatformNA

Missing Movie Cast

Movie NameMissing
Release Date 19-Nov-21
Cast Harsha Narra, Nikkesha
Director Srini Josyula
ProducerBhaskar Josyula
Music DirectorAjay Arasada

Missing Movie Story

Because of the absence of enormous motion pictures this Friday (November 19) just about ten low financial plan films are being delivered. One of them is ‘Absent’. The film, which is set against the background of Missing Young lady, stars new entertainers. New experts worked. The film is set to deliver on Friday. Yet, before that, the film group had an exceptional debut. The entertainers are Shivabalaji and his better half

Many individuals like Madhumita and chief Chandumondeti watched the film and lauded it. Furthermore, is there a film that they appreciate? Or then again not? How about we discover in the ‘Missing ‘film survey.

The film starts with the capturing of a young lady. Gautam (Harsha Narra) and Shruti (Nikisha) become hopelessly enamored and get hitched in a vehicle. Mishap because of an unexpected approaching vehicle. With this, Gautam is conceded to the emergency clinic.

It was his brother by marriage (Shruti’s more youthful sibling) (Surya) Emergency clinic. Gautam recuperates from a state of extreme lethargy two days after the fact. Asked where Shruti is, Dr. Shruti’s more youthful sibling says he is absent.

At the point when he recuperates he starts the quest for amicability. Gautam, his sibling – in – law, just as the examining cop (Chatrapati Shekhar) and Exploring Official Tyagi (Slam Dutt) are searching for Shruti. Gautam and Shruti are recognized as being trailed by four hooligans in Ikram.

The man passes on before the legend embarks to track down them. In this manner three bite the dust. Also, who is that fourth individual? Jabbenti to Gautam? Gautam Report What is the relationship of Meena (Misha Narang)? The remainder of the film is the narrative of who is liable for the abducting of young ladies and the vanishing of Shruti.

Missing OTT Release Date, Digital Rights, OTT Platform

‘Missing ‘is a secret spine chiller with exciting bends in the road all through the film. Be that as it may, the dramatization components are more noticeable than the thriller‌ components in the film. The two romantic tales appear to rule the entire film.

With more bends in the film, the crowd is more confounded than excited. This prompts a circumstance where you need to manage not getting what is happening in the film. Gautam and Shruti fall head over heels and get hitched.

Be that as it may, prior to going gaga for Shruti, Gautam experiences passionate feelings for journalist Meena. She leaves for America for a task. Shruti is acquainted with Gautam in this grouping. She makes a street mishap Gautam.

This can be intellectually upsetting. Loss of memory (Various Turmoil). He fails to remember his old love and becomes hopelessly enamored with Shruti. All of this is displayed as a flashback in the center.

In any case, as increasingly more of these flashbacks appear as turns, the first film story goes sideways and makes disarray for the crowd.

Missing Telugu Movie Trailer

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