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Missing Telugu Movie Review | Rating, Hit or Flop Critics, Public Talk

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Missing Telugu Movie Review

Missing Telugu Movie Review : Gautam (Harsha Narra) is a computer programmer. He experiences passionate feelings for Shruti (Nikisha Rangwala) and weds her. Out of the blue, Gautam and Shruti are engaged with a fender bender. The tone vanishes after the mishap. Gautam was conceded to the emergency clinic with wounds and later recuperated. He then, at that point, observes five individuals pursuing them. The four are then killed reachable for those individuals.

Missing Telugu Movie Review, Rating

Movie NameMissing
Release Date 19-Nov-21
Cast Harsha Narra, Nikkesha
Director Srini Josyula
ProducerBhaskar Josyula
Music DirectorAjay Arasada

Missing Telugu Movie Story

Gautam, did Shruti’s vehicle normally have a mishap? Is there any trick behind Gautam auto collision? Who was answerable for the homicide of four suspects behind their fender bender? For what reason did writer Meena (Misha Narang) approach the Gautam Accident case in a serious way?

Who arranged the homicide of those four? What are the jobs of ACP Tyagi (Ram Dutt), CI (Chatrapati Shekhar) in this story? Whose hand is behind Shruti’s vanishing eventually? For what reason was Shruti grabbed? The account of the secret film is the response to the subject of how Shruti’s grabbing secret was at last settled.

Missing starts with a fascinating capturing scene toward the start of the film. After that Gautami, Shruti gets into a vehicle mishap and the first film goes into the first story. The story turns surprisingly after the mishap as well as inspires the anticipation of what occurred previously.

Stretch bang with a fascinating point in regards to Gautam. This will expand the interest in the second piece of the film.

The story composed by chief Srini Josiah has turned into a solid point for the film. The way to deal with getting exhibitions from new entertainers and minor entertainers in passionate jobs reflected the coordinating ability.

The manner in which the story is told and the manner in which the turns are fused into the story is amazing. The chief is at the bleeding edge of film achievement.

Missing Telugu Movie Trailer

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