mumbai man sleepwalking: The habit of walking in sleep .. Big noise from the window at midnight! – sleepwalking man in mumbai plunges four floors to death


  • The habit of walking in sleep.
  • A young man who wakes up in the middle of the night and wanders around the room ..
  • Eventually tragedy .. incident in Kalina area of ​​Mumbai.

DeA 25-year-old man lives with three others in a flat in Mumbai, the financial capital. Their flat on the fourth floor of a building in the Kalina area. The roommates all went to sleep as usual after dinner on Tuesday. Huge noise from the window after midnight. Looking down at what happened was a friend in a pool of blood on the floor. What happened?

Roommates were shocked to find a friend lying with them in a pool of blood under the building at night. He was rushed to a nearby hospital. The doctors who examined him confirmed that he was already dead.

After receiving the information, the police registered a case and started an investigation. As part of the investigation it was revealed that the victim had a habit of walking in his sleep. That habit took his life.

What happened that night?
The young man, who was sleeping with friends, woke up at 3 a.m. Wednesday (February 17). As well as walking forward. Reached the room window. That window is open. Unfortunately it doesn’t even have grills. He fell straight out of that window. He was seriously injured and died after falling from a height of four storeys. The victim is a young man working as a diamond worker in the city. Police said he was working at a diamond shop in the Kurla Complex in Bandra.

Medical experts say that people who are accustomed to walking in their sleep are more likely to wake up if something gets in the way. The strange thing is that those who walk in their sleep like this remember the next day what happened at that time. Doctors say those with such a habit should take appropriate precautions. But, that did not happen in the case of this young man. On the fourth floor he fell straight from there with the window of his residence open.

Perhaps his friends were unaware that the victim had a habit of walking in his sleep. On top of that it is sad that they do not wake up even if there is a loud noise from the window. The window curtain flew into the air and fell on them, waking them up. When he got up, he suspected that there was no friend next to him and looked down from the window ..!

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