Mumbai: Three YouTubers In Police Net For Creating Over 300 Vulgar Obscene Prank Videos

Mumbai: Three young men hit a crossroads to make easy money. Quotes earned by filming pornographic prank videos. Some of the affected women complained to the police and were arrested. Going into details .. Mukesh Gupta (29), Jitendra Gupta (25) and Kumar Sav (23) from Mumbai used to provide content to YouTube channels. In addition, he owns and operates 17 YouTube channels. All of these are also related to porn. These channels have over 20,000 subscribers. Meanwhile, three minor girls, along with a woman, offered to pay enough to make a prank video. Behaving rudely with them without stopping at all and looking to touch their private parts. Frightened by the incident, the victims immediately lodged a complaint with the police. Police rushed to the spot and arrested the three.

5 laptops, 4 mobile phones and a camera were seized from them. Cases have been registered against them under various sections including Pokso and Anti-Pornography Act. According to police, the accused had uploaded up to 300 pornographic videos on their YouTube channels and earned up to Rs 2 crore during the lock-down. The main accused Mukesh is said to be educating students. Police are also investigating.

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