Mythri Gift Large Amount To Vaishnav Tej And Krithi Shetty

The ‘surge’ hero, heroine, and director made a huge hit with the debut movie. Vaishnav Tej‌, ‘Bebamma’ is the first film in the industry to be directed by Kriti Shetty and directed by Buchibabu. Released amid huge expectations, the film achieved collections in the same range. About Rs 100 crore has been collected so far. Against this backdrop, the surge production company Maitree Movie Makers did not give an unexpected surprise to the hero and heroines. It is rumored that the two were given a huge amount as a gift in the wake of the film’s solid success.

In this order, the hero Vaishnav Tej gets crore rupees .. the heroine Kriti ShettyIt seems that he was given Rs 25 lakh. To this extent the filmmakers have already given the check to the hero and heroines. And soon the surge director BuchibabuWill also be given an expensive gift. It is learned that Buchi Babu was offered a car or a house in the past.

No more ‘Surge‘Vaishnav Tej will get a reward of Rs 50 lakh for the film. It is a privilege to receive double that as a gift. However, the surge of success has given this mega hero a strong foundation in the industry. The longer this film is produced Friendship Movie Makers‌ Crazy projects are currently in the hands of the company‌. These include big budget films like Allu Arjun Pushpa, Mahesh Babu Sarkar and their song.

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