Wed. May 12th, 2021


    • Shock to Nagpur judge who handed down controversial verdicts.
    • Gujarat political analyst who sent packets in parcels.
    • They are a symbol of that judgment.

    ChiJustice Pushpa Ganediwala, who has been in the news for his controversial verdict in a sexual harassment case against children, was in for an unexpected shock. As protests erupted across the country over her verdict, a woman from Gujarat expressed her opposition in an innovative way. Condom packets were sent to that judge. Devisree Trivedi from Gujarat posted a video on YouTube justifying her action. The videos showed 150 condoms packed in 12 packets.

    Devisree said the packets were parceled to various addresses under Justice Pushpa Ganediwala. One of them is Justice Pushpa’s office in the Nagpur High Court bench building. Some packets were also sent to the main bench office of the Bombay High Court.

    Devisree Trivedi, a well-known political analyst in Gujarat, expressed her opposition to the verdict. Registrar Sanjay Bharuka said a parcel of condom had arrived at the Nagpur High Court bench office in the name of Haridas. It was revealed that the parcel arrived at 5.11pm on Monday. They were found parceled out on February 13th.

    Lawyer Srirang Bhandarkar blamed the move. He commented that it was disrespectful to the judge. He warned that if the High Court bench did not take appropriate action on the incident, he would lodge a complaint with the police against the woman.

    What actually happened?
    On January 24, Nagpur bench additional judge Justice Pushpa ruled that if a girl’s breast was wet from the top of a dress, it would not be subject to sexual harassment. While everyone was in awe of this verdict .. the Supreme Court stayed it. As the controversy over this verdict continued .. Justice Pushpa Ganediwala gave another sensational verdict like this.

    Judging in a case of sexual harassment against a five-year-old girl .. Holding the girl’s hands and unzipping their pants in front of them does not fall under sexual harassment. This has led to outrage against the judge.

    How upset that family was ..!
    Devisree Trivedi was incensed that the verdict given by Judge Pushpa was meant to encourage criminals. ‘Condoms are like a symbol for the skin-to-skin judgment given by that judge. The judge ruled that if a 12-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by the accused, it was not a sexual act. The accused was released. This verdict surprised me. I can understand how upset the victim ‘s family was after hearing this verdict, ”Devisree said.

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