Nandi Movie Tollywood Hero Nani praises Allari Naresh

Witness, Hyderabad: The hero who hit the blockbuster with the debut movie Allari Naresh‌Tollywood natural star Nanny is showered with compliments. Signaling that the future is golden .. Naresh was showered with praises. Nani tweeted to this extent. ”I watched the entire ‘Nandi’ movie. Rey Rey Rey .. ‘Allari Naresh’ name changed .. Leap past .. It is for the future Prologue. I saw a great actor in you. Is very happy. I want more like this to come from you. ”Nani posted. With this, the excitement among the fans is overflowing. (It took eight years .. Allari Naresh‌Emotional2)

Allari Naresh’s latest film is the beginning of his performance with the character of Gaali Srinu in the movie Destination. The Nandi movie produced by Satish Vegeshna under the banner of SV2 Entertainments is bursting with hit talk. In this context, the tweet made by Hero Nani has now gone viral.

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