Nani Rejected Bhogavalli Prasad Story Goes To Vaishnav Tej

Once upon a time in the industry stories were prepared with heroes in mind. If the hero does not like the story, it’s hidden. Some of the heroes were reluctant to make genre films that they had never entered. Whether the fans will accept themselves in such films or not. Experiments are not going to go downhill. But now the trend has changed. Heroes are accepting movies regardless of genre. The new story says put though.

And if a hero rejects a story like in the past, don’t put it aside. The producers of the film are hearing that story for another hero. The film is being screened. Recently, the same scene was repeated in Tollywood. Hero Vaishnav Tej accepts a story rejected by Natural star Nani. The details .. Recently, producer Bhogavalli Prasad is planning a film with a new director. This is the first film to be screened as an action oriented film NaniYou were supposed to be a hero. The reasons are not known but Nani rejected the story.

With that said this story is a mega hero Vaishnav TejOku Vinipincharata Director. Information that he has agreed to star in the film. Information that it will be counted soon. It is a known fact that Vaishnavism, which is currently in good form with the surge of success, is accepting films in a row. The mega hero has already completed the film ‘Jungle Book’ directed by Krishna. Later a film under the banner of Annapurna .. After that Bhogavalli Prasad will act in films under the banner. Industry people are saying that we have to see what kind of result Nani Vaddanakunna film will give to Vaishnav.

Vaishnav Tej debut movie Surge It is known to be a huge success. It seems that the film has grossed Rs 100 crore so far. The film was a huge success in Telugu and will be remade in Tamil and Hindi. It is known that Kriti Shetty and Vijay Sethupathi played the lead roles in the movie Uppena directed by Buchibabu.

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