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Are we seeing corona cases on the rise in Maharashtra on a daily basis … Tensions are running high for the authorities there. As the number of cases in Pune has increased … the decision has been taken to close schools, colleges and coaching classes there till February 28. This is not a decision made today. Recently, Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar had a meeting with Pune Mayor Muralidhar Mohol. Only then was this decision made. Yet some key decisions were made. To see how they are … whether the center guidelines were released during the lockdown last year … Achcham remains the same.

– Libraries are kept open.

– Weddings, functions, rallies should not exceed 200 people. Police approval is mandatory for programs.
– Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has not re-imposed the lockdown. But … bringing in micro containment zones.
– Hotels, restaurants, bars … only open until 11pm.

The Pune Municipal Corporation said it would soon issue a circular on such rules. Another thing is known on this occasion. The Pune Divisional Commissioner directed the people not to turn outside from 11 pm to 6 am. There is no curfew … If you return without Panipata, Dabida Dibide said. He said only those who go on daily and urgent tasks are allowed to return. It is learned that the Maharashtra government also wants to put some conditions from 5 pm to 5 am.

These new rules will take effect from Monday. Pune has recently received 414 new corona cases. The total number of cases reached 1,97,330 as of Saturday. With the recent death of five coronas in Pune … the total death toll has risen to 4,821. Recently 247 people recovered from the corona and were discharged. There were 2561 active cases.

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Anyway, we have to make sure that what happens in Pune today does not happen in our Telugu states tomorrow. If we are careful … Corona games will not last for us.

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