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The corona epidemic has engulfed every sector around the world. Particularly shrinking education. The crisis is exacerbated in developing countries like India. Because almost 26 crore students are studying in Indian schools. Recently only a few states have opened schools for upper class students. Schools have been closed since March last year due to the corona effect.

During this time many attempts were made to continue the education of the children. One is online education and the other is conducting classes in public places. However, it is true that none of this is true for school education.

Online education incompetence ..

Online education is not basic. This is because many people do not have the right resources to get an education online. In addition, teachers and students need to be able to talk to each other in order for education to proceed smoothly. The level of education has been declining rapidly over the past year due to lack of efficiency in online education. As a result most state governments are trying to hold open classes. A large number of government teachers with commitment and dedication have stepped forward in this direction. Conducting such mohalla classes is not likely to increase the risk of corona infection in children. This may also be due to the fact that they live in the same place.

The result in public education is null.

Teachers and state governments do not conduct these open classes beyond 4 to 6 hours per week due to systematic difficulties. Classes are 6 to 8 hours a day if schools are open. So there is no result due to these open classes. Also, launching these in November or December does not match the reciprocity between students and teachers. Last year very few people in India had the right resources and were able to push the academic year through the method of online classes from home. The rest lived as if they had lost their school year.

Forgetting what you have learned ..

During this time the children suffered in two ways. The first is that students were not able to learn anything big during 2020-21. The latter also forgot what they had learned by closing schools. The first of these is very clearly understood. When a child is in fourth grade he does not go to classes all that year because he does not learn anything from that class, the second is learning loss. That means forgetting what is learned. Throughout the year the child forgets what he has learned and practiced in the third grade because he does not go to classes. This is called academic regression. Summer vacations are more likely to make you forget what you learned in the last class. This is also known as the Summer Slide.

Nationwide study ..

So teachers say they will face many challenges when schools reopen. Children should be taught all that they have learned this year. New class lessons should also be recited, reminding them of what they had forgotten in the previous class. Teachers say this is a very difficult subject. This academic regression has been studied in 44 districts across the country. About 16,667 students and 2,000 teachers participated. The result of this study looks surprisingly alarming. 82 percent of children have forgotten the basics of mathematics. 92% of children have forgotten the basic rules of language. These were known until March last year. But they were told that the Foundation had lost its abilities due to the gap. Foundation Abilities means additions and subtractions in mathematics, as well as the ability to read a paragraph in a language.

Solution to the problem ..

There is a need for everyone across the country to respond to the damage caused by this academic regression. Moreover it is necessary to recognize this huge challenge and accept it. This problem was started by the corona epidemic. As a result no exemptions should be given to any state governments. A defensive strategy should be adopted in this regard. Some states accept this wholeheartedly and openly. Teachers should be given enough time to solve this problem. For this, the current 2021 session should be extended. The syllabus needs to be reworked without summer breaks. There is no fact that students want to overcome this challenge without enough extra time. So teachers should support students. Teachers must provide the training and tools needed for each student to receive the level of academic regression.

If this academic regression problem is not solved in our country with 26 crore children .. that deficit will remain the same. Affects their academic skills. It also reaches the opposite of the existing inequalities in society. It also joins with the many challenges the country is already facing. This proves to be no less than a huge mission.

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