obinwanne okeke: Shining on the cover page of Forbes magazine .. and then the jailed young businessman! – nigerian businessman, who appeared on cover of forbes magazine 10 years jailed

A young Nigerian businessman who made headlines four years ago by shining on the cover of Forbes Magazine is now counting the bucks in jail. He was found guilty of committing cyber crimes and embezzling crores of rupees. He was sentenced to ten years in prison. In 2016, Forbes magazine published a single photo of Obinwanne, a young Nigerian businessman known as Invictus Obi, on its cover page. However, the same year he was charged with cybercrime.

He was recently convicted by a District of Virginia court in the case. A Virginia court has found Nigerian companies hacking public emails and embezzling nearly $ 11 million (Rs 80 crore) from their accounts. It was against this background that the tribunal sentenced him to ten years in prison alone. The court found that Obinvanne committed several cyber crimes between 2015 and 2019, including creating fake websites.

He was arrested less than two years ago on charges of seducing and deceiving victims. The manager of Unatrock Holdings Ltd, a major industrial and agricultural equipment export office, hacked the email in 2018, hitting nearly $ 11 million and transferring it abroad. The Forbes list of the most influential businessmen under the age of 30 was ranked number one in 2016.

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