pakistan president: pakistan president angry over controversial remarks – frap raps pakistan over president arif alvi’s remarks on french muslims


  • Once again a war of words between Pakistan and France.
  • Pak president who made controversial remarks.
  • France issues summons to Pak ambassador

The European Union (EU) has strongly condemned the controversial remarks made by Pakistani President Arif Ali Zardari against France. The French Foreign Ministry has summoned the Pakistani ambassador to comment on the remarks by President Arif Alvi. On Saturday, the Pakistani president spoke on a bill brought by the French government to crack down on Islamic militant groups, saying the bill did not demean Muslims.

Arif Alvi said changing the laws in favor of the majority people for isolating minorities is a dangerous example. ‘All I want from all French politicians is the same .. Do not stamp on any religion. Doing so is tantamount to creating inequality among the people and creating divisions between them. ‘

It is known that Samuel Patty, a French teacher who displayed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a classroom, was brutally murdered by Islamic extremists last October. France’s parliament has introduced a draft bill to crack down on extremist groups. Alvi claimed that insulting the Prophet Muhammad was an insult to the entire Muslim community.

Responding to the remarks, the French Foreign Ministry clarified that there was no discrimination in the bill, as stated by the Pakistani president. “It is guided by the fundamental principles of freedom of religion and conscience. It does not discriminate between different religions. So it applies equally to all faiths. Pakistan must understand this.

The assassination of teacher Samuel sparked large-scale protests and unrest in France. Cartoons on the Prophet Muhammad were displayed in restaurants and on various platforms, and were supported by President Emanuel Macron. Many Muslim countries, including Pakistan, have expressed outrage. France is the second most populous Muslim country in the world after Indonesia.

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