Panchayat Elections: AP Counter in the Supreme Court on Odisha Petition .. What did you say? – ap files affidavit in supreme court for odisha petition on panchayat elections


  • Odisha Petition on Panchayat Elections in AOB.
  • Andhra Pradesh counterclaim filed in the Supreme Court.
  • Counter that all the three panchayats belong to AP.

The AP has filed an affidavit on a petition filed by Odisha in the Supreme Court alleging that Andhra Pradesh is holding elections by changing the names of its three gram panchayats. The three panchayats belong to Andhra Pradesh. The villages fall under Araku and Salur constituencies, where the AP held elections in the last general election. The apex court, which heard the petition filed by the Odisha government last Friday, has issued notices to the AP government.

The AP has directed the government to hand over a copy of the petition to a lawyer on behalf of Andhra Pradesh and reply to it next week. The AP government has filed an affidavit. The Odisha government has asked for four weeks to respond to the affidavit. The bench of Justice MM Khanwilkar allowed this and then adjourned the hearing for four weeks.

Vijayanagaram District Collector Hari Jawaharlal filed the counter on behalf of the AP government. Ganjayabadra, Pattuchennoor and Paguluchennoor are within the Salur Assembly constituency. It is said that Araku is in the place of Parliament. The AP government has been conducting elections in these villages since 1952 and panchayat elections were held in 2006 and 2013 as well.

‘The Honorable Court ruled in 2006 that it had no jurisdiction to decide such matters. Therefore, the petition is very wrong. Therefore, the Odisha petition should be dismissed, ”the AP requested. The Supreme Court said last week that it was not giving any directions on the current election during the hearing.

Odisha has filed a contempt of court petition alleging that elections are being held under the name of three panchayats in their territory. The Andhra Pradesh government has said it is holding elections in villages in its territory, contrary to Supreme Court orders. It said the cannabis from Koraput district on the Andhra-Odisha border had been turned into marijuana, silk into silk and silk into flaxseed. They explained that they had held elections in these three panchayats in the past and there was evidence of this.

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