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‘The mind is like a mirror, we laugh when we smile, we cry when we cry’ Bhagwan (PKT)’s words in Devdas film .. Jawaharlal Nehru worked as a personal photographer .. NTR suggested to Indira Gandhi that his political entry was embarrassing for the Congress …. Filmed documentaries .. Believed in horoscopes, numerology .. Number eight fell to him, died in 2006. Their eldest son Krishnamohan explained to the witness about Peketi Sivaram.

Man means Money Plus‌ Shi is Dad. As always, he looked after his mother very lovingly. My father’s full name is Peketi Sivaram. ప. Go. Born October 8, 1918, in District Packer. When my grandfather was a child, my father worked hard and privately studied BA in Bhimavaram. Influenced by Amma Peketi. We have four girls and three boys. Self big boy. My name is Peketi Krishnamohan‌. His younger brother Peketi Ranga works as an art director in films. The other younger siblings are Rangarao, Venkateswarao and Gopal. The girls are Rajyalakshmi, Shanti, Varalakshmi, Purnima. Everyone read BA. I only read up to the metric. Due to Nannagari’s upbringing, we still have a family meeting every year.

Gave good health …
When I was 18, my dad would sit next to me and say, ‘I’m a friend to you, and tell me calmly if you have any problems. Do not be jealous of your superiors, do not be jealous of those below you. We follow what he says. Although Dad did not give us property, he gave everyone good health, a good name, and respect in the community.

Want to face difficulties …
Two documentaries were made about the ships, ‘Jala Usha’ and ‘Jala Prabha’. When he decided to make a documentary on Sanjay Gandhi called ‘Rising Sun’, he got into financial trouble and asked Vade Rameshgari. He died four days later. If Dad sent me four days later, I would go. Then he said ‘Our accountant went to the bank, stop for a while’. Just then the news of Sanjay Gandhi’s death appeared in the newspapers. I was disappointed. Then Dad said to me, ‘What I thought would never happen. Comforts do not last forever ‘, he taught how to deal with difficulties. Not those who stay at home for long. The Congress party was engrossed in the shootings. The children did not fall into any pit even though they were not at home.

Used as a curry ..
One day I came home from school for lunch. Dad was acting in movies at the time. He was sent a carriage in a car. Along with the carriage that day I also went to the shooting spot. At that time, Pullayagaru Venkateswara Mahatmyam was making a film. Cursing that I had come to see the shooting‌, Dad sent me home in the same car. I still remember that incident very well. Once again I asked my dad, ‘Why didn’t you make movies?’ He said, ‘You eat three meals a day, do you like to eat like this?’ I have never asked my dad since that day. Helped a lot without expecting a reward. Everyone admired him. He was used as a curry by many in the film industry. They earned a lot but could not swallow anything.

Very scary ..
Nannagarante is as much respect as fear. He was busy at the movies making sure to sell things at home. When my father got his salary during the days he was staying in the rented house .. the house rent, the maid’s salary, for the goods .. he would pack the double separately. Even if my mother was not educated, she would take care of the house and help my father. Making his favorite dishes. The mother raises the neon months cheating. That love is like water. Visible to the eye. Father love is not seen. Dad’s love, too, was not to be seen out.

No unknown education ..
My father is from the Congress party. Jawaharlal Nehru worked as a personal photographer. Later during Indira Gandhi’s tenure, my father was appointed Publicity In-Charge for South India. When the NTR party was set up, Indira Gandhi phoned my father and asked him about the NTR, which he wrote and sent a 72-page report. If he read it and asked Moopanar to find out the facts, he said there was no problem. In the ensuing elections, NTR won a landslide victory and became the Chief Minister. Indira Gandhi immediately summoned her father to Delhi and confessed her mistake, saying, ‘I did wrong without listening to you.’

Within the Congress ..
Detective wrote stories. The police took the documentaries to them. Served as President of Allindia NTR Fans Association. My father was very friendly with NTR and even though he was invited into the party, he did not leave the Congress. Former Prime Minister of India Peevi Narasimha Rao used to come to our house. Jaggayya, the mother of hero Krishna Gary, Rajasulochana, Shaukaru Janaki used to come to our house no matter what happened.

With golden flowers …
The grandmothers looked after the grandchildren. We anointed our grandmothers with golden flowers with Muni’s granddaughter. Once my mother said to my father, ‘If you give me a call sheet any day, I will take a lakh of notes that day.’ He laughed and said ‘as well Chitty’. Amma was called ‘Chitty’. So Amma made a nostril of lakhs of accents, a nostril of yellow horns.

Good friends
One night when my father was ill, he called Jaggayya and said, ‘Mavayya! My father should not be on a camel, he should be taken to the hospital. ‘He came and took my father to the hospital. There was friendship throughout. God gave me the good fortune to be 65 with my father and 73 with my mother. I am now 77 years old.

Three generations of love marriages ..
In the movies starring my father, I like Devadasu, Vaddante Dabbu, Chiranjeevulu .. Mys, mine, our big love marriages. He read the ‘mail’ paper daily. Belief in horoscopes is high. Horoscopes are also used for moviegoers. Depending on the numerology, the names change. ‘It’s 2006, this number does not fall to me. Your father’s life is over, ‘predicted Death. He was ill for fifteen days and spent the night of Vaikuntha Ekadashi on December 30, 2006. That day Akkineni phoned and said, ‘Babu! I can’t see the dead body, I’ll come back later. Only your aunt .. Let’s say you took a good day off. I have no beliefs in God. That’s what I’m saying. ‘

Movies starring Dad
Devadasu, Vaddante Dabbu, Gulebakavali Katha, Velugu Nedalu, Babhruvahana, Suvarnasundari, Bhagyarekha, Chiranjeevulu, Pellinati Pramanam, Jayabheri, Veera Kankanam, Panduranga Mahatmyam, Anarkali, Kanya Shulkam, Kula Gauravam, Alluri Sitaramaraju have acted in many Telugu films. Directed some films. The roles of Deputy Collector in Bhagwan and Alluri Sitaramaraj in Devadas are well known.
Conversation: Vyjayanti Puranapanda

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