petrol at 100: petrol @ 100: Celebrations begin .. Stomach woods, enjoy! – petrol prices cross rs 100 mark in india, meme fest on twitter and social media

P.As soon as the troll price is 100 rupees, stop in the middle of the cart road, take off the helmet .. Look at the sky, kiss the helmet .. Cricketers celebrate the century in the same way ..! This is the message that has been circulating on social media for a few days. The festivities began as befitting that message. On the same internet .. celebrating with memes. Stomach cramps with those memes ..!

Rising petrol prices have received a century mark for some time. In Sriganga Nagar, Rajasthan, the price of a liter of petrol has gone up to Rs 100 for the first time. It has reached the Rs 100 mark in many parts of Madhya Pradesh. This angered netizens. And then sharpened their creativity. Sharing funny photos and videos. Laughing with satirical memes. The # petrol100 ash tag is trending on Twitter.

‘Petrol @ 100 .. This is the situation in India a few days later ..’ A video shared by a netizen is impressive. If you watch that video till the end, your stomach is getting sticky.

The video shared by comedian and mimicry artist Shyam Rangeela has gone viral. The mimicry video shared by Prime Minister Modi expressing his gestures is impressive. See for yourself in the Twitter video where he started pouring ‘Mitrom ..’

The meme that shared ‘Well Adav Patrol .. Congrats’ also exploded well. Cricketers such as cricketer Sachin Tendulkar have added photos of the bat being raised during the century. The tribe also laughs at the photos shared by some people putting bicycle wheels on bikes and jeeps.

Some have shared photos of helmets on bicycles, saying delivery boys should no longer believe these as petrol prices rise. Others share the joy of sharing photos of parcels being delivered on dogs’ backs.

‘Petrol and diesel prices are rising to new highs day by day. And what the common man has to do is .. ‘The Tic Tac Toe video that was shared exploded. Chukka, Chukkaku Kadupubba is smiling. Petrol price cats are not wrong anyway .. Enjoy yourself with these memes for a while and ..!

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