Prabhas with Krishnam Raju In The Sets Of Radhe Shyam

‘Let’s look at the 70s again,’ says Rebel star Krishna Raju. Prabhas Krishna Raju is playing a key role in ‘Radheshyam’ who plays the hero. They shared a photo of landing with Prabhas at the ‘Radheshyam’ shooting location. The caption reads, “Let’s go back in time to watch this movie on July 30th.” The film ‘Radheshyam’ is set in 1970 with a storyline. This is a love story set in an Italian backdrop. Pooja Hegde is the heroine of this film directed by Radhakrishna.

If Prabhas appears in the role of Vikramaditya in the movie .. Pooja Hegde will appear in the role of a music teacher called Prerana. Bhagyashree, Sachin Kedkar, Priyadarshi, Sasha Chhatri and others will be seen in key roles. Ten days after the release of this film, on August 11, another film by Prabhas, Adipurush, will be released.
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Prabhas is not the type to die for love

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