puducherry crisis: puducherry crisis: hour by hour suspense .. two more resign – two more mlas quits in puducherry, another jolt to cm narayanasamy


  • Tomorrow’s demonstration in the Puducherry Assembly.
  • Pondicherry Congress government in deep crisis.
  • Political equations that have become suspenseful.

The Puducherry political crisis took another turn on Sunday. It is learned that four Congress MLAs have already resigned. Recently, two MLAs from DMK and Congress resigned. This brings the number of MLAs who have resigned to six. In the 33-member Puducherry Legislative Assembly, the strength of the Congress has dropped to 12. Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Tamilsai Soundarajan directed CM Narayanasamy to prove his strength in the Legislative Assembly by 5 pm on Monday.

In this context, a special meeting of the Puducherry Legislative Assembly will be held on Monday. Legislative Secretary Munuswamy issued a statement to this effect. He said a special meeting of the 14th Legislative Assembly of Puducherry would be held at 10 am on Monday. He said that all the members were invited to attend the meeting as per the directions of the Speaker.

Raj Bhavan constituency MLA V Lakshminarayana sent his resignation letter to Speaker VP Sivakolundhu. Moreover, he also announced his resignation as a primary member of the Congress party. He later told the media that the Narayanasamy-led Congress government had lost its majority. DMK MLA Venkatesan has also announced his resignation.

A few days ago, two Congress MLAs resigned and joined the BJP. Later, two more resigned. The issue has put the Congress party in a dilemma as assembly elections approach in Puducherry. Lakshminarayana and Venkatesan resigned on February 18, the day of the Congress alliance meeting to discuss future course of action, though talks on the issue did not yield results. Congress and allies are meeting on Sunday evening.

Elections to the Puducherry Assembly will be held in April-May. Before Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Puducherry, MLAs gave a jolt to discuss party strategies to be followed in the elections. With this, the politics there are taking unexpected turns.

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