Rahul Gandhi: Democracy Is Dead In India

Thoothukudi: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has slammed China for holding democracy hostage to China. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been accused of siding with China. He was incensed that India had been handed over to China. Rahul was speaking at a public meeting in Thoothukudi on Saturday as part of the Tamil Nadu election campaign.

“Democracy does not survive in India, where there is a long constitution. He questioned whether democracy was anywhere else in the country as the parliament, judiciary and journalism were weakening. Ignited that they are being destroyed. He was outraged that the Oresses were weakening government systems equally. “The role of the states is being diminished with the weakening of the system. That is what we are facing now,” Rahul said. Rahul indirectly mentioned the consequences of Puducherry that money and manpower are leading the MLAs and the BJP is hunting down the MLAs with them.

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