Raidurgam Police Arrested Koilamma TV Serial Actor Amar Shashank

Koilamma Serial సీ Hero Immortal Rayadurg police made the arrest. It is learned that a case has been registered against Amar at the Rayadurg police station in connection with a recent altercation between two friends over boutique management. Rayadurg police arrested Amar on Wednesday in connection with the case. Amar was shifted to Charlapalli Jail after the Kookatpalli court remanded him. Police are investigating the case in more depth.

Sri Vidya, Swati and Lakshmi run a boutique business in Manikonda. Swati left the boutique business due to losses in business. However, there are disputes between the three partners over the sewing machine and the money he owes. Recently, Swati along with her boyfriend Koyilamma serial actor Amar went to Sri Vidya’s house and deposed Srividya for not paying her dues. The controversy escalated to the police station as Mata Mata escalated and led to a scuffle. Srividya lodged a complaint at the Rayadurg police station alleging that Sameer had insulted her with obscene language while intoxicated. However, Amar and Swati also filed a counter case. Rayadurg police have registered cases against the two and are investigating.
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