Rare Duck Spotted: One of the most beautiful birds in the world, the mandarin duck is alive after 150 years.

A beautiful rare bird comes as a guest to a swamp called Maguri Motapunj Beel in Assam. Locals flock to see this bird, which appeared almost 150 years later …

Rare Duck Spotted in Assam: A beautiful rare bird comes as a guest to the swampy area of ​​Maguri Motapunj Beel in Assam. A large number of locals flock to the area to see this bird, which appeared almost 150 years later. The video of the duck went viral on social media. And let’s find out about that rare bird ..

Maguri Bill, a lake in the Tinsukia district of Assam, is a natural habitat for wildlife. The southern bank of the Dibru River is home to a wide variety of birds. More than 304 species of migratory birds live here. However, the appearance of the mandarin duck a few days ago is remarkable. Red nose, black tail .. The duck will compete with the peacock with the combination of the seven colors.

Known as the ‘Mandarin Duck’, the most beautiful duck in the world .. The bird has just appeared here again after 1902, which surprised and delighted him, said local bird guide Binanda Hatiboruwa. It is one of the 10 most beautiful birds in the world. It is a symbol of Chinese culture. Photo of mandarin duck can be found everywhere in China Compared to the female mandarin duck, the male ducks are more impressive in color. These ducks are found mostly in northeastern parts of China, including Russia, Korea, and Japan.

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