SC Asked Government Worker In Molestation Case Will You Marry Her

New Delhi: In the wake of the rape allegations Pokso ActDuring the trial of the case registered under Supreme Court “Should I marry the victim or go to jail?” She asked the accused. In order not to be suspended from the job .. not to go to jail, the victim was advised to get married. The court made the remarks during the hearing of the bail petition of accused Mohit Subhash Chavan. ” You raped a schoolgirl. For this, a case has been registered against you under the Pokso Act. If you agree to marry the victim .. we can help you. Otherwise you will go to jail .. then your job will be lost automatically ” the court told the accused.

Responding to this, Chavan said, “I have come forward to marry the victim in the past. But she did not agree. I can’t marry him now because I am married now, ”he told the court. The accused Chavan is working as a technician in Maharashtra State Electric Production Company. The order was issued against a student of Chavan Minor School a few years ago Rape Did. A case was registered against him under the Pox Act. If Chavan is arrested by the police for being a government employee, he will be fired immediately. He then approached the High Court seeking protection from arrest. He approached the Supreme Court as the expected result was not forthcoming there.

On the occasion of Chavan’s bail petition, the court said that if the victim is married, there is no need to go to jail. The court further clarified that there was no compulsion in this matter. If the victim is not ready to get married, the court has directed him to apply for regular bail. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Chavan, who was remanded in custody for four weeks.

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