Scott Morrison: Interesting discussion between Modi and Australian Prime Minister on Facebook activities! – australian pm morrison says discussed with india pm modi on facebook news ban


  • Rising Australia, Facebook controversy.
  • The social media giant that stopped news sharing.
  • The outraged Australian Prime Minister.

Facebook and Google have strongly objected to the Australian government’s introduction of a bill that would benefit domestic media outlets. Facebook went a step further and stopped sharing Australian media articles through their platform from midnight on Wednesday. The controversy between the Australian government and Facebook reached a climax. Most recently, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg held talks on Friday with the Australian government on the issue.

However, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on the occasion that they would not give in to any threats. Josh Friedenberg, the company’s treasurer, said Facebook CEOs were involved in the discussions and that they would continue over the weekend. Friedenberg said on Twitter that other issues had also been discussed and that they would be resolved immediately. However, the Australian Prime Minister’s statement was different.

Speaking to the media, Prime Minister Morrison said the ban on Facebook posed a threat. It was suggested that this was not the right thing to do and that the status quo should be established immediately. Facebook and Google are trying to bring in new legislation to pay new fees for sharing content with media companies in Australia. The prime minister said the issue would be discussed in the Australian Senate on Monday. He then said that he would know the views of world leaders and take further action.

Morrison said this was mentioned in a phone conversation with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday. He said there was a lot of interest in this and the world was anxiously awaiting what Australia would do. Again, Facebook supported his actions. Traffic on Australian news websites dropped drastically as news stopped being posted. Data analytics company Chartbeat reports that traffic has dropped by more than 20 percent at home and abroad.

Data suggests that users are not yet leaving Facebook despite being banned due to a lack of growth in Google search traffic. The shutdown of news posts has had a severe impact on several government emergency departments in Australia. This has led to criticism of the actions of the social media giant.

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