sivakasi firecracker factory: ‌క్రాకర్స్ ట్రైమలో పేలుడు .. ఘోర విషాదం – blasts at sivakasi firecracker factory in tamil nadu, 6 dead, 14 injured

Come onAn explosion at the Nasancha industry has killed at least six people. The tragedy took place in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. Another 14 people were injured in the crash. Authorities said the condition of three of them was critical. The accident took place on Thursday (February 25) evening at a private firecracker factory in Kalaiyarkurichi near Sivakasi in Virudh Nagar district.

While making fancy type posters at the Fire Crackers manufacturing center .. there was a huge explosion on Thursday evening. As a result, six laborers working there were killed. 14 people were seriously injured.

Beyond the explosions, 10 rooms in the fire crackers center appeared to have been demolished. The dead could not be identified immediately as the body parts of the workers were completely burnt. A series of explosions occurred due to large-scale storage of chemicals. This hampered relief efforts.

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