Snowfall in Deserts: The world is coming to an end soon .. Some people say that this is the proof .. Scientists claim that ..! – Snowfall in deserts a sign of world end

Natural disasters are increasing day by day in the world .. On the one hand, many viruses such as corona, Ebola, Stein are trading .. On the other hand, heavy rains, floods, blizzards, natural disasters ..

Snowfall in Deserts: The number of natural disasters in the world is increasing day by day. The argument was brought to the screen.

This incident is shown as an early warning. It was the first snowfall in 50 years in the province of Asir in Saudi Arabia. If it is snowing heavily, the camels will get wet during the snowfall. The climate here is usually dry. In this sweaty country, mines can reach temperatures as low as 2 degrees Celsius, causing panic among the people.

Responding to the issue, Gulf officials said their country had never experienced such a level of snowfall in the last 50 years. Extreme levels of snow were also reported in the Algerian city of Ain Sefri. This area is known as the Gateway to the Sahara Desert. Some are commenting that the world is coming to an end, citing these two examples.

However, scientists say that extraordinary changes have taken place in many parts of the world. India has witnessed the coldest weather in 119 years in Delhi, with Spain experiencing the deadliest snowstorm since 1971. All of this is said to be climate change caused by human error. It is said that as the carbon level in the atmosphere increases, it leads to hot and cold conditions.

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