Wed. May 12th, 2021


    • Ongoing discussions on Srimukhi’s wedding for a few days
    • Ramulamma is open saying that she has a boyfriend
    • Srimukhi Warning, Suma Punch

    Corona, or the lockdown imposed because of that .. For the past few months, celebrity weddings and love affairs have been buzzing the tribe on social media. Most eligible bachelors in a row are getting married. This caught the eye of some of the other celebrities on the list. The most popular name is Srimukhi. The best-selling television anchor has been the talk of the town for the past few days. Srimukhi has already opened up to Anchor Suma saying that she has a boyfriend under these circumstances.

    A new show called ‘Start Music’ is airing on Star Malo. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; The promo for the show, which airs this Sunday, has just been released. Srimukhi, Vishnu Priya, Hari, Fruit Master, RJ Chaitu and Roll Rides attended the show. The conversation between Suma and Srimukhi highlights the Srimukhi boyfriend affair.

    The flower girl tried to fit Srimukhi in any of the heroes seen here. However, Srimukhi openly said that she likes Chiranjeevi. And then immediately .. Srimukhi revealed the real thing when Suma asked another question with whom she would go if she had to go on a romantic date. ” Already committed .. Now if I go on a date like this, my boyfriend will fail. I have some rules, ” Srimukhi said. With this, all the people there were shocked at once.
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    The warning given by Srimukhi that ‘you have to stay within the limits of the fruit’ and the punch made by the flower girl saying ‘You go everywhere and you are the fruit’ are increasing the interest in this show. The video went viral on social media. So .. I can’t say if another full episode will come. Did Srimukhi say everything about her boyfriend? Or is.


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