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Super Machi OTT Release Date, Digital Rights, OTT Platform

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Super Machi Movie Download, Super Machi OTT Release Date

Super Machi OTT Release Date: Chiranjeevi’s child in law, Kalyan Dhev is prepared with his new film Super Machi which has been delivered today. How about we perceive how it is. Meenakshi(Rachita Ram) is a generously compensated programming representative. She experiences passionate feelings for a striving vocalist named Raju(Kalyan Dhev).

Super Machi Movie Cast

Name: Super Machi

Genre: Romance

Release Date: 14-Jan-22

Cast: Kalyaan Dhev, Rachita Ram

Director: Puli Vasu

Producer: Rizwan

Music: Thaman S

Super Machi OTT Release Date

OTT Release Date: Coming Soon

Digital Rights: Coming Soon

OTT Platform: Coming Soon

Streaming Partner: Coming Soon

Super Machi Movie Story

The curve is that Meenakshi succumbs to Raju even without seeing him. Be that as it may, then again, Raju isn’t keen on Meenakshi and keeps away from her. For what reason is Meenakshi such a great amount in affection with Raju? For what reason is Raju keeping away from Meenakshi to such an extent? How might this couple at last party? That shapes the remainder of the story.

The way where a young lady falls into profound love and how she goes through the aggravation to win it looks great. The span arrangement has likewise been exhibited very well. Additionally, the dad’s track highlighting Rajendra Prasad looks great.

Kalyan Dhev has further developed a great deal when contrasted with his first film. The way wherein he exhibited his feelings in key scenes looked great. He has additionally chipped away at his moves and exchange conveyance too.

Courageous woman Rachita Ram truly does well in her significant job. A couple of parody scenes including Posani, Jabardast Mahesh are great. Rajendra Prasad is likewise perfect in his job.

Super Machi Movie Poster

Super Machi OTT Platform

The courageous woman is frantically infatuated with saint. More scenes connected with this perspective ought to have been added to make the portrayal holding. The main half is very sluggish and on second thought of featuring the contention point, the chief Puli Vasu harps on the tension piece of the adoration point and makes things exhausting.

Super Machi Digital Rights

Probably the greatest disadvantage of the film is absence of sheen in legend’s personality. It isn’t raised as expected and Kalyan Dhev battles hard to put forth things right regardless of his genuine attempts. The speed of the film is slow and the peak likewise looks hurried.

Super Machi Satellite Rights

Music by Thaman is nice as were the creation esteems. The exchanges are very great as was the camera work. Altering is terrible as the film continues on a snails pace. Coming to the chief Vasu, he has made a less than impressive display with film as his portrayal needs essential punch.

Super Machi OTT Release Date, Digital Rights, OTT Platform

In general, Super Machi is a heartfelt show that neglects to lock in. Absence of solid struggle point and legitimate dramatization bring this film down making it an exhausting watch this Sankranti season.

Super Machi Trailer

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