Wed. May 12th, 2021
    MViolence against women and children continues. A lover who was looking for a girl who did not even have a house to stay in abducted her and set her on fire. In the middle of the night the mother snatches the sleeping girl and satisfies her lust. The girl was brutally tortured. The atrocity took place in the town of Surat in Gujarat.

    A seven-year-old girl sleeps with her mother on a footpath near a clothing store in the Lalgate area of ​​Surat. The girl was abducted by a young man around 2.30am on Wednesday (February 17). After that he was tortured with lust.

    Scenes of a young man abducting a girl sleeping next to his mother were recorded on CCTV cameras. The girl clung to her mouth without shouting. He took the sin to the next street and set it aside for agony. The girl bit everything. She injured her genitals. Harassed girl for oral sex. He left the girl there and fled after being harassed.

    CCTV footage showed the girl crying and rushing to her mother after a while. By then the mother was asleep as well. The girl told her mother what had happened. The girl’s mother turned herself in to police on Wednesday morning.

    The accused was identified by the police as Jammu Pathan (20). The police investigation revealed that he was sleeping on another footpath near the footpath where the mothers slept. Police said a case has been registered over the incident and a search is on for the accused.

    The girl had tooth bites on her neck, back, arms and thighs, police said. Revealed serious injuries at private parts‌‌. The victim was rushed to a hospital for treatment.


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