Swati Mohan: Indian woman Swati behind NASA’s victory over Mars! – indian-american scientist swati mohan behind nasa’s rover landing on mars


  • NASA rover on the surface of Mars.
  • Indian genealogist in the American experiment.
  • Swati led the Mars mission.

It is known that the Perservance rover launched by NASA has successfully landed on the surface of Mars (Mars). This was first confirmed by Indian-American scientist Swati Mohan. The last seven minutes are crucial for the rover landing on the surface of Mars, which has the most difficult weather. Perseverance has successfully crossed Mars beyond this gorge. “Persuasion has safely reached the surface of Mars. The planet is ready to begin searching for signs of past life,” Mohan announced as soon as the rover landed.

NASA scientists are overjoyed that the rover has successfully reached its destination after traveling for seven months. Swati Mohan, who heads the development division of Attitude Control, the rover landing system, is part of the team of scientists behind the historic mission. Attitude control system is crucial to steer the rover in the right direction. It also helps determine where the carrier is in space.

Swati Mohan has been a partner in several space missions undertaken by NASA over the past few years. He also worked on the Casey mission, an ambitious mission undertaken by NASA to study Saturn. Mohan once again made history by navigating the most complex rover landing process watched by the entire world.

Swati Mohan from Karnataka moved to America from India with her parents when she was one year old. She spent many years of her childhood in Virginia, Washington DC. He grew passionate about space exploration while watching the American science fiction series ‘Star Trek’. Swati, who first saw Star Trek at the age of nine, wanted to become a pediatrician until she was 16 years old.

But, later she decided to do engineering and continued her interest in space research. He holds a BS in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University and an MS in MIT and a PhD in Aeronautics.

NASA’s Perservance rover has traveled 472 million kilometers in almost nine months to reach Mars. It traveled at a speed of 19 thousand kilometers per hour and successfully landed on the surface of the mark.

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