tamil nadu wedding gifts: Do you know what gift is given to these bride and groom .. No shock at all, trend now! – tamil nadu couple receive petrol, gas cylinder and onions as wedding gifts amid prices soar

CoSome people give gifts and surprise their newlyweds. A few more who want something new will be given innovative gifts. There is a lot of exercise in choosing gifts. However .. no one can imagine these gifts given by the groom’s friends to the newly wed couple in Tamil Nadu. Because they gave petrol, gas cylinder and onions as gifts. Not to mention that these are very expensive items now ..!

The trend has changed when it comes to giving gifts. At present, we are giving a surprise to the newlyweds if any of the items we use are more expensive. But, Hatsoff has to say that their idea is to give gas rock, onions, petrol. Because .. it has become a hot topic all over the country.

The video of the bride and groom being gifted petrol, gas and onions has now gone viral on social media. The items were given as gifts and posed for photos. On top of that the onions were brought in sticks and placed around the couple’s neck. At that point the bride forcibly stopped her laughter which made the video even more interesting.

The incident took place during the wedding ceremony of Karthik and Saranya from Chennai. The gifts were given by the groom’s friends at a wedding held at a function hall in Wangaram. Five liters of petrol, a full cylinder and onions were given. It is learned that petrol prices have recently received 100 marks. Cooking gas prices have also been rising sharply for some time. In addition, the prices of onions and other essentials are skyrocketing.

Everyone who came to the wedding could not stop laughing at these innovative gifts. Netizens who saw this video are also making interesting comments. ‘Your idea is amazing ..’ Some people commented .. ‘They are very expensive gifts .. Hide them safely’ commented another netizen.

Another netizen was cautious, saying, “Be careful with the petrol and gas cylinders.” He warned that if a petrol can was placed on a rock, it would be dangerous for both of them to stick. That is true ..! Floating in the gall with enthusiasm .. Even a small mistake, a terrible tragedy remains.

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