Tea Congress‌ Goat Elegance .. Anger on BJP Leaders, TRS Leaders Counter Attack @ Telangana Politics

BJP seems to invite anyone into our party. Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you. Two or three have joined .. BJP leaders are still in the queue .. Immigration from the party is nothing new hand leaders. The Kamal Naths, who are focused on the pink army, will throw the CBI arrow. The pink leaders want to bring their grandfather and bring him down. This is .. a series of alchemical politics currently running in Telangana as a whole.

Operation Kamalam in Telangana .. Monna Koona Srisailam Gowd .. Now Palvai Harish .. And the BJP is saying that there are innumerable Congress leaders in this list. Kamal Nath tells us that group politics in the Congress is Sri Ramakrishna. BJP national vice-president DK Aruna has said that the former will be queuing heavily. Of all of us we are going to touch .. Others are coming and meeting as Clarity says. Those who are going will be lost .. Those who are coming will be lost, but the Congress is showing goatish elegance, but the anger among them is catching their eyes. BJP leaders are getting angry. Working President Ponnam Prabhakar said that he would be slapped if he came to him. His impatience is evident in his words.

The BJP has leveled allegations of corruption against the Pink Dal while keeping pace with the Congress leaders. Sensational remarks were made that the CBI would probe into the corruption that took place when Singareni was the leader of the union, targeting Kalvakuntla’s poetry. However, the counter is also rapidly looming. The BJP, which has been sidelining the file for seven years asking for an income tax exemption for workers, has now questioned who will be released. Our party leaders were given a counter‌‌e to what the CBI did not do when its grandfather came. Even if it does not have its own strength .. BJP is implementing Operation Lotus policy which is being followed across the country. Is openly inviting leaders into the party. Will Congress survive the sinking threat again? It remains to be seen what kind of attack it will make on the party that has targeted their top leaders.

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