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Texas Chainsaw Massacre English Subtitle Download: As each blood and gore flick fan knows all around well, you can’t hold a decent reprobate down. The new spin-off of Tobe Hooper’s 1974 awfulness exemplary The Texas Chain Saw Massacre follows the way of the comparatively rebooted Halloween by basically disregarding different movies in the long-running series (there have been eight, for the individuals who weren’t counting, including a not-generally welcomed 2003 change) and returning to the first.

Steps to Get Texas Chainsaw Massacre English Subtitle Download on Mobile

  • If you are watching on Mobile (MX or another player)
  • First Download Subtitles from telugu-kathalu.com
  • If it is in Zip format then extract it
  • After that Move the Srt format file to the Movie/Tv Series Folder
  • Open The video player
  • Click on the video
  • Click on the right-side button (in MX player)
  • Then click on the subtitle option and then click on the Open option
  • Then go to the subtitle file and click on the subtitle file.

Steps to Get Texas Chainsaw Massacre English Subtitle Download on PC

  • If you are watching in Computer
  • First Download Subtitles from telugu-kathalu.com
  • If it is in Zip format then extract it
  • After that Move the Srt format file to the Movie/Tv Series Folder then you can enjoy Watching the Movie/Tv Series.
  • If You are Watching with Windows Media Player above step is enough
  • But in case you watching with a VLC player, Just open the VLC player Right-click on it, and then add Subtitle.
  • The film is a spin-off of the TV series “Wu Assassins,” and the heroes of that show likewise show up here.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Story

Now and again, this work debuting on Netflix also intently follows the way of Halloween, by including as a significant plot component the arrival of a sincerely scarred female survivor who looks similar to Laurie Strode.

Regardless, slasher film fans should embrace this Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which pays adoring respect to the first through an assortment of Easter Eggs and doesn’t at all stretch on the butchery.

Truly, there’s such a lot of blood splattered on the screen that you’ll have an inclination to wear a rain coat assuming you sit excessively close.

After a wistfulness panging presentation including portrayal by John Larroquette, who performed comparable errands in the first and change, we’re acquainted with a group of four of youngsters who should have focuses on their backs:

Melody (Sarah Yarkin), her high school sister Lila (Elsie Fisher, moving on from Eighth Grade), and their companions Dante (Jacob Latimore) and Ruth (Neil Hudson). The city slickers show up in a little Texas town –

so barren that it makes the one in The Last Picture Show appear to be a sprouting city – where Melody and Dante mysteriously desire to begin a business.

Tragically, their as of late procured constructing is the site of an unwanted halfway house, with a worn out Confederate banner waving outside.

After entering, they experience an old lady (Alice Krige, whose thriller certifications stretch as far as possible back to 1981’s Ghost Story), who offers them sweet tea.

Before long, a lumbering figure (Mark Burnham, capably filling the incredibly huge shoes of his late ancestor in the job, Gunnar Hansen) briefly shows up at the highest point of the steps. “He’s the remainder of my young men,” the elderly person clarifies.

Indeed, and it’s likewise you-know-who, presently a lot more seasoned yet no less inclined to maniacal reach.

Which before long becomes apparent when the elderly person experiences a stroke and kicks the bucket in a police van while heading to the clinic.

Leatherface rapidly dispatches two police officer and one of the novices who had come for the ride, and continues his previous preparing propensity by cutting the skin off his mom’s face to use as a veil.

It’s the first of numerous bloodbaths as Leatherface, recovering his cherished trimming tool, follows every individual who crosses his way.

The body count rapidly rises, the feature being a slaughter in a partygoer-filled transport in which chief David Blue Garcia (Tejano) really allows his oddity to hail fly. The distinctively delivered beheadings and guttings appear to be the slasher-film likeness a bash.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Cast

  • Marilyn Burns as Sally Hardesty
  • Paul A. Partain as Franklin Hardesty
  • William Vail as Kirk
  • Allen Danziger as Jerry
  • Teri McMinn as Pam
  • Gunnar Hansen as Leatherface
  • Edwin Neal as The Hitchhiker
  • Jim Siedow as The Old Man
  • John Dugan as Grandpa Sawyer
  • Robert Courtin as Window Washer
  • William Creamer as Bearded Man
  • John Henry Faulk as Storyteller
  • Jerry Green as Cowboy
  • Ed Guinn as Cattle Truck Driver
  • Joe Bill Hogan as Drunk
  • Perry Lorenz as Pickup Driver
  • John Larroquette as Narrator

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Trailer


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