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The Ghost Telugu Movie Review | Public Talk, Hit or Flop?

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the ghost movie review

The Ghost Telugu Movie Review: Nagarjuna gives a smouldering performance as a tormented guy, but it isn’t enough to redeem the film he stars in.

Will a former Interpol agent who was pushed out of retirement in order to rescue his estranged family be successful in his mission?

The Ghost Story Line

In the film directed by Praveen Sattaru and titled “Ghost,” the main character, Vikram, is known as “Ghost” among the criminal underworld. In order to keep his family safe, he must reveal a part of himself he has been suppressing for some time.

However, all resemblance to the original ends at the idea. In contrast, Praveen’s other accomplishments in this film, although unique, are superficial and undeveloped.

Interpol agent Vikram, better known as “Ghost” (Nagarjuna), has a spooky backstory. In his zeal to save others, he is willing to break the rules and resort to violence.

Something about a bad turn of events makes him decide to leave his employment. Priya (Sonal Chauhan), his partner and fellow agent, thinks counselling will help him find inner peace, but you can probably tell that she’s wrong.

A number of years later, his sister Anu (Gul Panag) calls him in a panic, pleading for his aid to protect her and their daughter Aditi (Anikha Surendran).

The Ghost Movie Information

NameThe Ghost
Directed byPraveen Sattaru
Written byPraveen Sattaru
Produced bySuniel Narang
Puskur Ram Mohan Rao
Sharrath Marar
Sonal Chauhan
Gul Panag
Anikha Surendran
Manish Chaudhari
Ravi Varma
Srikanth Iyengar
CinematographyMukesh G.
Edited byDharmendra Kakarala
Music byScore:
Mark K. Robin
Sri Venkateswara Cinemas
North Star Entertainment
Release date5 October 2022
Running time138 minutes

The Ghost Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5


Although Praveen uses The Ghost to experiment with a number of potential storylines, he never delves very far into any of them.

The concepts read well on paper, despite being cliche. However, there are major holes in the logic of several of these story elements.

There are a number of things we learn about Vikram: he had a rough upbringing, he still has nightmares that keep him up at night.

He has trouble taking direction, he wants to make good on a promise he made a long time ago, and he prefers to fight with a katana. But the filmmaker doesn’t dive deeply into any of them, instead focusing on stock corporate politics.


Another rushed couple is Vikram and Priya, who meet during a love song. Whatever it is about the latter that always comes through for him when he needs support, even if he doesn’t ask for it, is a mystery to us.

Given that Aditi is a school-aged child, her parents resort to some unusual measures to rein in her seemingly childish behaviour.

Using a stun gun (and a real pistol) as a form of punishment is perhaps not the best idea. Unnecessary music in Goa doesn’t help matters.

Technical Aspects

Despite its many positive attributes, The Ghost ultimately fails as a film because of its slow writing. Too many situations are resolved too quickly, even when they may benefit from further development.

Those that don’t need as much background information are also overly simplified. Even the action scenes fail to impress, with the exception of two very graphic scenes that reveal Vikram’s true aggressive nature.

Bharatt-music Saurabh’s is just adequate, failing to leave much of an impression. But the soundtrack by Mark K. Robin gives many moments a new layer.


Nagarjuna plays a distressed police officer with ease. He has some strange missteps in some parts, but he performs okay for the most part.

His performance hasn’t lived up to our expectations, and his role doesn’t give him much to do except sulk in most of the situations.

But anytime he has the opportunity to kick some butt, he excels. Sonal Chauhan clearly puts in a lot of effort into her role. She appears in most of the action scenes, but it’s a pity she doesn’t have much more to do than serve as Vikram’s sidekick.

Both Gul Panag and Anikha Surendran have strong performances, with Surendran particularly coming into her own as the movie goes on. Besides these two leads, the film has a slew of solid performances from its supporting ensemble.

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