Thousands of tombs unearthed in China – airport expansion workers in China – Thousands of tombs found while airport construction

While the foundations were being dug in China, thousands of tombs were unearthed. With this, the construction site turned into an archeological museum.

Thousands of tombs found in China: Ancient landmarks are once again being unearthed in China. As part of this, thousands of graves were unearthed while the foundations were being dug. With this, the construction site turned into an archeological museum.

The government plans to expand Xiang Yang Airport in Xi’an, the capital of Shanxi Province. Expansion work on the airport has recently begun. While digging the ground as part of the construction .. the exhumation of the tombs shocked everyone. With this, the construction workers were put aside .. Archaeological officials and staff entered the field. Archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the Chinese New Year holiday.

So far, 4,600 antiquities have been recovered, of which 3,500 are tombs, officials said. These tombs are believed by archaeologists to belong to different kingdoms at different times in history. The Chinese State Council has revealed that the Xi’an region is one of the four oldest capitals in the world. Experts say Xi’an has been the capital for 1,100 years for political, economic and cultural aspects.

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