THROWBACK: When J Hope almost didn’t debut with BTS but changed his mind because of this particular member

We are looking back at the year 2013 when J Hope walked out of the group and it took two members’ efforts to bring him back to the team.

THROWBACK: When J Hope almost didn’t debut with BTS but changed his mind because of this particular member

One cannot even imagine BTS without J Hope, but there was a point when Hobi almost didn”t debut with BTS! Shocking, right? J Hope had walked out of the group, prior to their debut, but it took one member’s warm friendship and another member’s convincing to change that. BTS members reveal it all in their first music-documentary film, Burn The Stage.

In one of the pivotal scenes in the music-documentary film Burn The Stage, the seven members discuss in a candid chat that the group could have been a lot different if things hadn’t worked out in a certain way. The members were seen discussing and reliving past memories, over dinner and drinks. Soon enough, members began discussing their personal issues. The focus shifted onto J Hope, who revealed that he almost didn’t debut with BTS. He revealed he walked out of the group to pursue his solo dance career. The members reminisced about how much Jungkook cried when that happened. RM, being the group’s leader convinced BigHit Entertainment that they cannot debut without J Hope and they need him in the group. J hope further revealed, that the members’ friendship and trust brought him back to the group. The group debuted on June 13, 2013, and the rest is history!

Since then, BTS is considered to be the biggest boy band in the world with several records and accolades in their kitty. They have been a pioneer of positive change and one of the most influential artists in the world.

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