Trump made an offer that was not made to any head of state .. The situation would have been different if Kim had agreed!

The war of words between the former US President and the North Korean dictator is known to have led to serious tensions between the two countries. Kim has warned each other that Trump will ground North Korea and launch a nuclear attack on the United States. The world is always worried about what Trump and Kim’s actions will lead to. The controversy subsided when the leaders, who had been on a salt fire for two years, finally calmed down. Trump-Kim held peace talks in Singapore for the first time in 2018, ending the war of words. Meanwhile, an interesting incident that took place during the second round of summit talks between the two, which will be held in Hanoi in 2019, has come out recently. The BBC reported in a new documentary that Donald Trump had offered Kim Jong Un to go home in his Air Force One at the time. The documentary states that at the beginning of the meeting, there was a heated argument between Trump and Kim, and both warned of attacks and counter-attacks. And then the two of them let go of their stubborn attitude and came into a friendly, give-and-take attitude, pouring love on each other. At the end of the meeting, Trump said he had put before Kim an offer he had not made to any head of state. The BBC reports that an Air Force One flight limited to US presidents will be given a lift from Vietnam to North Korea to reach home. However, Kim politely declined the offer, predicting that if he had agreed, a number of security issues would have arisen. The BBC reports that Matthew Pattinger, Trump’s National Security Council spokesman for Asia, himself revealed the “lift in the Air Force One” between the two. Trump made the offer after learning of a two-day train journey from North Korea to China via Kim Hanoi. If Trump offers to pick you up at home in two hours if you like, Kim has politely declined. In 2018, Kim flew to China for talks between Kim and Trump in Singapore. At the time, Trump took Kim into his car, The Beast, and described the situation to himself. Kim, meanwhile, said in a statement last month that his stance on the United States would never change and that he was “always an enemy”. The remarks came just days after Biden took office as US president.

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