Unique Identification Authority of India: Adamaricharo is the same thing .. Check for fake Aadhaar cards like this ..! – How to check fake aadhaar card and verify aadhaar using qr scan through maadhaar app

mAadhaar App: Aadhaar Card .. Now the card has become very crucial for every citizen of India. For every citizen of the country ..

mAadhaar App: Aadhaar card .. Now the card has become very crucial for every citizen of India. All the information related to every citizen of the country is stored in a single Aadhaar card. Unique 12 digit unique identity card issued by the Authority of India (UIDAI) .. Aadhaar card. It has become a must for every Indian nowadays. Some critics are abusing this crucial premise. Submitting fake Aadhaar cards and committing scams. However, the UIDAI has recently released a key statement to curb these catastrophic games. Is it a fake Aadhaar card with one click? The real Aadhaar card? Has introduced the newest mobile feature.

‘M Aadhaar’ mobile app has been around for a long time. Recently introduced the newest feature in the app. Is it fake by scanning the QR code on the Aadhaar card? Is that true? Itte designed the feature to be resolvable. UIDAI recently tweeted revealing details regarding that feature. How to do QR code scanning? What are the benefits of doing so? And so on. And what is that QR code? How to scan ..? Let us now see how to detect fake Aadhaar cards.

‘M Aadhaar’ By scanning this QR code through the app, it can detect if someone has given you a false Aadhaar card. That way you can be safe from being fooled by magicians. If so ..

1. Download the ‘M Aadhaar’ mobile app from the Google Play Store.
2. After installing the app .. Registration is required. The password must also be set.
3. Once the app is open there will be a QR code scanning option.
4. QR code is mandatory on every Aadhaar card issued by UIDAI.
5. The QR code on the Aadhaar card should be scanned with the scanner in the M Aadhaar app.
6. The full details of the cardholder scanned with the ‘M Aadhaar’ app will be displayed immediately.
7. The details that appear like that, the details on the card, if you compare the person .. Is the Aadhaar card fake? Is that true? It turns out.

Aadhaar can also be verified through the UIDAI website. Similarly ..
1. First click on the UIDAI website.
2. Select the ‘Aadhaar Number Verification’ option in the Services section.
3. 12 digit Aadhaar number, captcha is required to enter.
4. If the Aadhaar details entered are correct, it will be verified.
5. The mobile number and full address associated with the base will appear.

Meanwhile, the Aadhaar card issued by the Authority of India (UIDAI) has a 12-digit number and a short QR code on the front. This QR code, digitally signed by UADAI, helps keep the information of the people concerned safe. Also, the QR code can be easily detected by a scanner if someone is caught cheating.


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