Unknown Cheats Rs. 66 Thousand Bheeshma Director Venky Kudumula


Witness, Hyderabad: Nithin is the director of the movie ‘Bhishma’ starring him as the protagonist Venky DumplingsCybercriminals put the basket to. It is hoped that the film will be nominated for the upcoming International Film Festival. From him Rs. 66 finger deposited and cheated. The case was registered after Venky lodged a complaint with City Cyber ​​Crime ACP KVM Prasad on Monday. Director Venky Kudumula recently received a phone call from an unidentified person. The film ‘Bhishma’ that came under your direction is said to be awesome. It has been decided to nominate it for the International Film Festival in six categories.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. He said a processing fee of Rs 11,000 per category would be required to be nominated for the festival. When Venky agreed to this, the criminal sent a bank account details and asked him to deposit money in it. Believing the cyber criminal to be true, Venky sent a total of Rs 66,000 to the bank account. The next day the cyber criminal who phoned director Venky again told a new story.

He apologized for making a small mistake in nominating for all three categories out of six. He said he would have to pay some more to fix them. Suspicious of this, Venky temporarily skipped over the filmmaker’s nomination. And then examining the precedents he realized the fraud that had taken place. The case was registered after City Cyber ​​Crime ACP KVM Prasad lodged a complaint on Monday. Cybercrime police are investigating based on the phone numbers used by the criminal and the details of the accounts to which Venky sent the money.

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