unnao deaths: Unnao girls’ death mystery: Shocking .. If you sketch for one, two other victims! – up unnao deaths: accused held, police say poisoned girls on being rejected

Police have cracked the death mystery of two girls in Unnao districts of Uttar Pradesh. It is learned that while two died in a suspicious manner, another girl was found unconscious in a field on the outskirts of the village. Police on Friday arrested two accused in the incident which took place in Babuhara village. Vinay Kumar (28), another teenager, was arrested by the police and said that he had committed the murder with Akkasu as he had not confessed his love. Another girl who fell ill said she was currently being treated at a hospital.

Vinay reveals that he loved one of the three girls (17) but killed her when she did not confess. According to police, the three relatives went to a farm in the suburbs on Wednesday to mow the grass for the cattle and the family members were worried that they would never return. He said he appeared unconscious in the fields while winding for them.

Two of them were already dead. Another girl was unconscious. A case has been registered over the incident and an inquiry is underway. Defendant Vinay befriended three girls during a lockdown. Every day they would meet in the fields and have fun. Vinay, who fell in love with one of the girls, expressed his love for her. The girl refused.

A month ago, he asked for his phone number but did not give it. He decided to kill that angry man and laid out the plan. As expected, he brought snacks with his friend to the girls who came to the farm on Wednesday. He gave them already bottled water mixed with pesticide as they ate and asked for water. He said he left them on the farm after drinking the water.

Lucknow Range IG Lakshmi Singh said that there was also a farm for the victim girls next to Vinay’s farm. Akkasu, who did not accept love, said to mix the insecticide in his farm with water and drink it with the three of them. The post-mortem revealed no injuries on the victim’s body. Vinay said he had planned to drink the poisoned water with the girl he loved, but they did not hear the other two drinking it.

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