Thu. May 6th, 2021


    • Vaishnav Tej grand entry with ‘Uppena’
    • Tsunami of collections in the early weeks
    • Discussion on Second Week Collections

    Vaishnav Tej has proved that many heroes from Mega Compound have gone to the cinema but are unique among them all. He came as a ‘surge’ and created a tsunami of collections, earning a special identity of his own with his debut film. The movie ‘Uppena’, which was promoted to the audience on February 12, got a positive talk with its first show and finished successfully the first week. Already the producers are on the path to profitability.

    Hero Vaishnav Tej, heroine Kriti Shetty’s acting, Vijay Sethupathi’s vilinism, story close to reality all played a key role in the flow of these ‘surge’ collections. We all know that ‘Uppena’ has already broken the record of 21 years in the history of Indian cinema. The movie ‘Uppena’ became the highest grosser for a debut hero in Indian cinema. The movie, which started airing from the first day, did not look good in terms of collections till the weekend.

    If you look at the collections (shares) reports by area on the 7th day ..
    Nizam- 38 lakhs
    Seeded- 22 lakhs
    Uttarandhra- 34 lakhs
    East Godavari- 17 lakhs
    West Godavari – 8 lakhs
    Guntur- 9.1 lakhs
    Krishna- 9 lakhs,
    Nellore- 11 lakhs.

    In the two Telugu states as a whole .. On the 6th day, the surge acquired 1.44 crore shares on the 7th day with 20% range drops as compared to 1.93 crore. However, analysts say that the ‘surge’ that has continued so far is likely to break from today. Today (February 19) Vaishnav Tej is said to be in competition with the release of four films (Nandi, Chakra, Kapatadari, Pogaru) simultaneously. So .. let’s see, will the mega hero endure this competition and the flow of collections continue for the second week? Or not? Is.


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