Urfi Javed’s dress slipped in front of the camera as she posed, turning it into an oops moment

Urfi Javed’s video is turning into a web sensation via virtual entertainment. In this video, the uh oh snapshot of Urfi Javed was caught in the camera.

Urfi Javed Oops Moment: Urfi Javed generally stays in spotlight because of unusual dressing sense. However, this time when Urfi came before the camera, something was caught in the camera that she turned into a casualty of Oops Moment. This air terminal video of Urfi is making alarm via online entertainment.

Urfi Javed arrives at Mumbai airport

In the most recent video, Urfi Javed was gotten on paparazzi’s camera outside Mumbai air terminal. When Urfi came before the camera, she began presenting furiously.


Wear such garments

In this video becoming a web sensation, Urfi Javed was wearing a bralette style full sleeve top with blue hued pants. Alongside this, she showed up in unobtrusive cosmetics with open hair.

Done uh oh second

In this video, Urfi Javed was wearing such a tight bralette style top, yet something was trapped in the camera from the side, because of which Urfi was trapped in the oh no second.

Begun changing when I knew
When Urfi came to be familiar with her oh no second, she began changing the bralette from one side. Urfi was recognized a few times doing this in the video.

Who said I am rich..
On seeing Urfi Javed, the paparazzi told her that you have become rich. Accordingly, Urfi said-‘Who said I am rich. Man ought to be rich on the most fundamental level.