Uttarakhand News: Body parts while digging .. Which organ belongs to someone? Uttarakhand tragedy – uttarakhand rescue operation: 61 bodies, 28 body parts recovered, dna test will decide

EIt is a tragedy to dig in the Ttrakhand tunnel. One by one the body parts of the disembodied were exposed. Any body part is a condition unknown to anyone. It is a plight that the families of the workers do not know whether the body is theirs or not. Authorities sent DNA samples of those body parts and DNA samples of their missing family members for testing. If they match, the body parts are handed over to the respective families. Then they will not understand that their man is not here!

Today marks 13 days since the accident. Assistance programs are ongoing. So far 61 bodies and another 28 body parts have been recovered by paramedics. Authorities are working to identify them. So far 34 bodies and one body part have been identified. Authorities said 49 bodies / body parts and DNA samples from 56 family members were sent for testing.

That hope is dead ..!
Until yesterday there was hope that some people might survive in any corner of the tunnel. But, now it is dead. Twelve days after the flood, the families of the workers are giving up hope that they will return. Authorities also openly say the rest are unlikely to survive. He said aid programs would continue for another three to four days.

It is learned that on February 7 in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, the Nandadevi Glacier broke and the Dhauliganga River overflowed. The Tapovan power station was washed away in a matter of seconds. A total of 204 people were displaced by the floods.


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