Russell Wilson (3) of the Denver Horses works out with colleagues during training at the Harrow School in the London Ward of Harrow on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.

Mustangs will go head to head with the Jacksonville Panthers at Londons Wembley Arena on Sunday. Wilson noticed that that he observed nearly three hours of game film

as well as performing four hours of workout in the passageways of the plane, while others dozed during the eight-hour departure from Denver to London.

solitary hour of resting was in the middle of between his thorough exercise and his last hour of film concentrate prior to landing

Post forecasts Mark Kiszla, writer: Horses 23, Panthers 17 To summarize senior supervisor George Paton, the Horses need to dominate a blankety-bleep match at some point.

that right? Mentor Nathaniel Hackett certainly expects as much. Kyle Newman, beat essayist: Panthers 17, Horses 13

Assuming you think the wheels have tumbled off the Horses' truck as of now, simply hold on until they lose this game with another hair-pulling, hostile execution by the offense.

Russell Wilson's hamstring likely will not be 100 percent; that absence of portability, joined with a suspect Denver O-line