Rahul is passionate about standup comedy, but he works in a company taking his mother’s advice. Personally, he loves Shreya  but doesn’t open up to her for a long time


Raj Tarun successfully undergoes a trendy, urban makeover. Guess part of it also means having headphones over his shoulder.


A debutant, Santo, directs Stand Up Rahul. He picks an age-old story and tries to present it freshly with a current and trendy backdrop of Stand Up comedy.


Murali Sharma and Indraja play other vital roles. The former has very little to do in the first half, making one wonder why is he in the movie in the first place


Sweekar Agasthi’s music lacks punch. It goes with the flow without getting noticed. The background score is comparatively better


Fresh Backdrop Casting A Couple Of Comic Sketches In Second Half


Routine Story Comedy Clichéd Emotions


A rewrite is what the movie needs more than any changes to the story. There is hardly any comedy that works for a film that has a standup comedy setup.

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