Whatsapp UPI Payment: Do you know how to send money on Whatsapp? Possible with these simple tips.

Whatsapp UPI Payment: With the tremendous increase in the use of smart phones and the increase in internet usage, revolutionary changes have taken place in all sectors. The customer can go to the bank with just a smartphone.

Whatsapp Upi

Whatsapp UPI Payment: With the huge increase in the use of smart phones and the increase in the use of the Internet, there have been revolutionary changes in all fields. The consumer does all sorts of things with just a smartphone without going to the bank. Many types of mobile wallets have become available in this order. Sending money has become simpler since UPI payments became available. It is learned that the popular messaging app WhatsApp has also brought the Payments option in this order. Let’s learn how to transfer money through WhatsApp ..!

* To do this, first click on the three dots next to the search button on the top right of WhatsApp.
* Then you have to select the Payments option.
* Then click on the method of ad payment .. Verify that the bank with the link to your mobile number is not selected.
* After doing so, you can click on New Payment and send the money without selecting the UPI ID option.
* Alternatively, it is possible to send money directly to other users using WhatsApp Payments by phone number.

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