WWE: The Undertaker REVEALS he’ll wholeheartedly support Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock if he runs for President

In a recent interview, WWE legend The Undertaker shared his thoughts on the possibility of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock running for President.

WWE: The Undertaker REVEALS he’ll wholeheartedly support Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock if he runs for President

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock”s roller-coaster journey from bonafide WWE wrestler to one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood deserves a series of its own and that’s exactly what the 48-year-old actor gifted the world with the new sitcom, Young Rock. In Young Rock’s opening sequence, we see ‘The Rock’ running for President in 2032 and given that Dwayne has in the past expressed his desire for the same, we wonder if it could actually come true in real life.

One thing’s for sure; The Undertaker would definitely endorse The Rock if he ever ran for President as revealed by the WWE legend himself during an interview with TMZ Sports. Taker was all praises for Johnson as he acknowledged how the Red Notice star works his tail off and dives in wholeheartedly in everything that he does. Hence, the 55-year-old wrestler believes if Johnson gets his mindset that he wants to make a run at politics, he will definitely do it. On whether The Rock could mend the current US political divide, Taker agreed, explaining, “I think so. He’s so charming, he’s so witty, I think he can be the uniter that people are looking for. I know that he has the charisma.”

Taker also quipped how all it would take is “one eyebrow” as his longtime friend would look to the left and right, raising his eyebrow in his trademark manner and then hit them with the People’s Elbow. “I don’t know man, there’s so many possibilities and if that’s what he chooses to do, I’ll support wholeheartedly in his efforts to do so… I think people would still call him Rock, I don’t know. I would hope I would have that clout that I can get away with calling him Rock, or Jabroni,” Taker concluded to TMZ Sports while discussing what The Rock could be called as President.

President Rock or Jabroni has a nice ring to it, indeed!

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