YCP MLC Candidates: Poverty in the selection of MLC candidates .. Shock if you know the background of YCP candidates! – Political history of ycp mlc candidates

The ruling YCP has revealed the list of six candidates to be elected to the Legislative Council in the quota of MLAs. But how political are these six? Who are they and where are they? Have no political history. This topic is of interest now.

Political history of YCP MLC candidates: The YSR Congress Party has announced the list of candidates contesting for the Legislative Council in the quota of MLAs. The YCP is likely to win the six seats up for grabs with an uncontested majority in the legislature. With that, the YCP announced a total of six candidates at once. However .. If you look at the background of these six, there are interesting things. YCP chief and chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who inherited Nizam from his father, the late YS Rajasekhar Reddy, who gives believers a chance. It is clear from the names of these six candidates that he has maintained a social balance while giving opportunity to those who believe in him.

Challa Bhagirathareddy

Challa Bhagirathareddy is the second son of the late Challa Ramakrishnareddy, former MLC of Kurnool district. It is learned that Challa Ramakrishnareddy died on January 1, 2021 with Corona. CM Jaganmohan Reddy himself came to Avuku in Kurnool district and visited the Challa family members. It was reported at the time that Challa had promised to give Bhagirath Reddy a chance as an MLC in this case. The Chief Minister made that news come true. As promised, Chief Minister Bhagirath Reddy was given the opportunity to become an MLC.

Bhagiratha Reddy was active in the Youth Congress when YS Rajasekhar Reddy was the Chief Minister in the past. Bhagiratha Reddy along with his father Ramakrishnareddy later switched parties when Jagan formed his own party in the aftermath of Wissar’s death. Bhagiratha Reddy was actively involved in youth wing activities in the YCP led by Jagan. Kovelakuntla, Avuku, Sanjamala, Kolimigundla and Banaganapalle are celebrating the re-election of the Challa family, who have a special place in Kurnool district politics. Bhagiratha Reddy studied MA Political Science. Bhagiratha Reddy’s wife Srilakshmi has now been unanimously elected as the JDPTC. Bhagiratha Reddy’s hometown.

C. Ramachandraya

Balija social class leader from Rajampet, Kadapa district c. Ramachandraya. Once again he was deprived of the post of emcee. Ramachandran entered politics in 1981 after a long career as a chartered accountant. He served as the Minister of Devadayasakha in the Enteyar cabinet from 1986-88. He has twice been a member of the Rajya Sabha on behalf of the TDP since then. As a member of the TDP politburo, Chandrababu played a key role in the team. After that Chiranjeevi joined the Prajarajyam party. In 2008 he held key positions in the Republican Party. Along with Chiranjeevi, Ramachandran also joined the Congress after the Prajarajyam party merged with the Congress. In this context, the Congress party allotted him the MLC seat in 2012. Kiran Kumar Reddy served as a minister in the cabinet. He resigned as a minister in protest of the partition of the state. Fans are celebrating the return of Ramachandran, who joined the YCP in 2018 during the Jagan Padayatra, to the MLC seat once again.

Muhammad Iqbal

Former police officer Mohammad Iqbal hails from Anantapur district. He retired as an IG rank officer. However, before that, when Chandrababu was the CM from 1999-2004, he was the security guard. Iqbal became known to everyone as Chandrababu’s security officer. After retirement, he joined the Telugu Desam Party and started his political career. He then joined YSRCP from TDP and contested as an MLA from Hindupur. In the last election (2019), Iqbal lost to Nandamuri Balakrishna. Sheikh Mohammed Iqbal was born on April 4, 1958. He did his BSc from Adoni Government Degree College, Kurnool District. MA from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. Done. She was married to Nishat Jahan in 1982. Iqbal worked for Indian Railways for some time before being elected to the IPS. Iqbal has previously served as a one-time emcee.

Duvvada Srinivas

Duvvada Srinivas’ hometown is Tekkali in Srikakulam district. Srinivas studied MA English Literature and later obtained a Law Degree. He continued as a businessman and later became active in politics. Duvvada Srinivas, who contested for the Assembly from Tekkali constituency on behalf of Prajarajyam in 2009, came third. Srinivas, who joined the YSR Congress party in the political developments a few months after 2009, contested from Tekkali in 2014. Despite gaining more than 72,000 votes, they lost. Chief Jagan has given a chance to Duvvada to contest as an MP in 2019. Duvvada Srinivas lost to Kinjarapu Rammohan despite getting over 5 lakh 27 thousand votes. Duvvada, who has more than 13 criminal cases, is currently being held by MLC Jagan.

Bally Kalyan Chakravarti

Balli Kalyana Chakravarti is the son of the late MP Balli Durga Prasad. Balli Durga Prasad won the Lok Sabha elections in 2019 as an MP from Tirupati on behalf of the YCP. In September 2020, he was infected with the corona virus. He died of a heart attack while receiving treatment at a hospital in China. Bally Durga Prasad from Venkatagiri in Nellore district became an MLA at the age of 28. He contested as a TDP candidate from Gudur four times in 1985, 1994, 1999 and 2009 and won. Joined YCP before 2019 elections. Tirupati contested as a Lok Sabha candidate and won with a majority of 2.28 lakh votes.

Kalyan has now resigned from the post of MLC. Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has given a place to Kalyan among the names of MLAs elected in the MLA quota. Earlier, Chief Minister Jagan had assured that Durga Prasad’s family would be taken care of in all possible ways. It is learned that Kalyana Chakraborty met Chief Minister Jagan at the camp office before leaving for Kurnool to participate in the Tunga Bhadra Pushkar. The CM then promised to give the first vacant MLC seat in the state to Kalyan. The lizard family members are happy that the promise has now been kept.


Jagan gave a big chance to Mohammad Karimunnisa, who was a corporator in the Vijayawada city administration. It was decided to send her to the Legislative Council unanimously. Karimunnisa previously served as Corporator, 56th Division, Vijayawada Central. Karimunnisa, a YSR Congress MLC candidate, was born on June 6, 1966 in Vijayawada. Husband’s name is MD Salim. The Karimunnisa family was one of those who worked with Jagan in Vijayawada since the founding of the YSRC party. Her family faced two cases in the TDP government. Karimunnisa has five children. She accompanied her youngest son Rahmatullah Jagan on the pilgrimage. He has had a good relationship with Jagan since 2010. Karimunnisa has conducted many service programs in the party since the inception of the YSRCP. Jagan stopped at the 56th Division during the trek. If he is the CM, he has promised to give the MLC seat to a Muslim woman from here. It must be said that that promise has now been implemented.

Meanwhile, the YCP, which has announced candidates for the six vacant MLA quota seats in the AP, is not contesting for the MLC seats in the teacher constituencies. This was revealed by government adviser and YCP leader Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy.

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