Sat. May 8th, 2021


    • Ongoing withdrawal of forces across the border.
    • India captured the Kailash Range in August.
    • The Chinese army came close to the Indian army.

    The nine-month-old standoff between India and China on the eastern Ladakh border is gradually coming to an end. The withdrawal of forces on both sides is progressing rapidly. In this context, Lt. Gen. YK Joshi, Northern Commander, Indian Army, made sensational remarks on the tensions between the two countries. Speaking to media in Leh, Joshi said that India had gone to the brink of war with China in August last year. At one stage he went to war but revealed that India had cleverly kept China at bay.

    ‘Tensions between the two countries reached a climax after the conflict in the Galvan Valley. China unexpectedly annexed the strategically important Kailash Range south of Pangong Lake between August 29-30. China, stunned by the suddenness, reacted. Attempts were made to approach the Kailash Range on August 31 and the situation became tense.

    Joshi said the army was alerted as the enemy tank was coming very close and India was acting with restraint at that time. He said that although we had full freedom to carry out any operations according to the circumstances, we were able to stop Chinese troops from firing. He said that India had almost gone to the brink of war and was under a lot of pressure at the time.

    Joshi said the process of withdrawing forces is currently underway in the Pangong Lake area. Joshi also mentioned the clashes in the Galwan Valley. He said that many Chinese soldiers lost their lives in those clashes. According to an examination of Indian military posts .. ‘A large number of PLA soldiers were taken back on stretchers. They number up to about 60, but are they all dead in the conflict? Injured? That is unclear. ‘


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