Young Girl Approaches Family Court After 12 Years Of Child Marriage

Jaipur: The young woman has approached the court seeking annulment of her marriage after 12 years of child marriage. The incident took place on Monday in Bilwara district of Rajasthan. Going into details … Manshi from Paladi village in Bilwara district got married as a child in 2009 when she was 7 years old. She has been staying at home and studying since then. Currently studying for a degree. In the wake of this, they pressured the young woman to come to Kapura. The young woman did not agree.

She ruled that her child marriage was invalid. They threatened to put the family in the panchayat and socially evict them if they did not come to Kapura. Almost 12 years after their harassment escalated, the Manshi Family Court was approached in collaboration with the Sarathi Trust. Family court judge Mukesh Bhargava issued summons to Manshi’s husband. It was clarified that strict measures will be taken in the case of child marriages.

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